March 9

The Rush To Remote Working



The last few weeks have seen the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus starting in China and now rapidly increasing across the world.

It is tragic to see what has happened in Italy. Hundreds of people dying daily. Parts of the country in lockdown.

The virus is in the UK and is spreading. Our government is making every effort to put in place measures to deal with it.

The biggest fear of course is swamping our already over worked and under resourced NHS with a deluge of corona virus patients. We have seen the impact of that in Italy already.

Companies are already starting to send people home and the debate at the moment is whether to start closing schools.

Minimising contact and reducing the possibility of spreading the infection seems to be the only way to reduce the flow of patients to our hospitals.

There are going to be more people sent home if we want to avoid the fate of Italy.

And that means more people will be working from home.

It is going to be “business as usual” for some, but from many it is going to be a brave new world.

We think the world of remote work is suddenly going to be a very busy place indeed.

Perhaps now is the time to buy shares in Zoom!

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