October 12

Monday Morning Minute Episode #020 – Other’s Success – Fixed & growth Mindset



I once worked in a department with an environment where my team was the brunt of a lot of criticism, back biting and unpleasantness.

Our crime….?

We were winning awards, were the apple of the MD’s eye and were getting plaudits from just about everyone in the business who worked with us.

It was so bad that when we won a regional industry award, the head of the department refused to share the good news with the business because “it was just a minor award”.

That’s one way of looking at success and is indicative of a particular type of mindset.

In today’s Monday Morning Minute I explore this in much more detail.

What situations have you had where your success has threatened those around you?


Episode Transcript


Hi It's Michael Tipper here and I'd like to welcome you to this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute.

In the last few episodes we've looked at how the fixed and growth mindset handles challenge, problems, effort and criticism.

In today's episode we look at one more factor that differentiates the two mindsets, and that is how they view the success of others.

Unfortunately Fixed Mindset people tend not to view others' success in a positive light.  They are often threatened by it and maybe even criticise those who've achieved success they perhaps crave.  

They'll see it as a comparison of ability and will feel inferior because they've not achieved the same.

Growth Mindset people however take a very different view when others achieve success.  

They are inspired by it and will even seek to find out how it was done so they can learn and adjust their own efforts to achieve the same or even better.

They are more likely to celebrate the success of others.

So when you see others succeeding, how do you react?

Until next week

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