September 28

Monday Morning Minute Episode #018 – Effort – Fixed & Growth Mindset



Everyone knows we have to put the work in to get results.  

However depending on your mindset will depend on whether your view of that effort is healthy or not.

Which one of these questions are you more likely to answer yes to:

Q1 - Do you think things should come easy to you?

Q2 - Do you think (just about) anything is possible if you put the work in?

Your answer reveals your mindset.

Watch the video to find out more.

Let me know your thoughts about effort and results in the comments section below.


Episode Transcript


Welcome to this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute.

Over the last few episodes we've looked at some of the differences between fixed and growth mindset thinking.

In today's episode, let's look at how each views effort.

Fixed and Growth mindset people have a very different world view on the concept of talent.  

The fixed mindset is firmly of the opinion that talent is -  fixed.  You've either got it or you haven't.  End of story.

When developing new skills, if it doesn't come easy to them, they believe any effort to do so is pointless.

So they don't bother.  They stay within their comfort zone and stick with what comes natural to them

Growth mindset people however believe they can develop any skill through consistent and persistent effort.  

It might not come as easy to them as it does to others, but they persist UNTIL they can do it.

Growth mindset people know that effort is the path to mastery and willingly develop new skills.

So when you're faced with learning something new - do you put the effort in?

Until next week

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