October 5

Monday Morning Minute Episode #019 – Criticism – Fixed & Growth Mindset



Feedback? Constructive Criticism? Positive Reinforcement?

Information about what you have done or how you are doing is going to come your way.

How you treat it will very much depend on which mindset you have.

The Growth Mindset handles feedback very differently to the way the Fixed Mindset handles it.

Ask yourself this question:

If I am really honest with myself, how do I react to feedback that tells me I’m not doing a good job?

Then watch this episode of the Monday Morning Minute and see which type of mindset you have.

Let me know in the comments whether it revealed a mindset you’re proud of.


Episode Transcript


In this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute we're going to continue our exploration of the fixed and growth mindset by looking at how each mindset handles criticism.

Just like problems and challenges, criticism is another fact of life.

It often comes back in the form of "feedback" and each mindset deals with it differently.

People with a fixed mindset will tend to avoid doing anything that might trigger any form of criticism.  

They will stay in their comfort zone and do things they know they can do and do well.  If anyone does criticise them, they'll either take it personally or ignore it.

Growth mindset people however, welcome any form of feedback even if it is negative criticism.

They see it as a source of useful developmental input.

They'll learn and grow from any feedback and will actively seek it out, even if it is painful to receive.

In my personal opinion, this trait is the one that truly sets the fixed and growth mindset apart.

So how do you handle criticism?

Until next week 

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