March 20

Our New Remote Working Podcast Is On It’s Way



We are excited to announce the development and soon to be launched Remote Working Podcast.

The world of Remote Work was growing at an incredible event up until very recently but with the COVID-19 pandemic it is now growing exponentially.

With so many organisations forced to send many if not all of their workforce home because of the enforced lockdown, remote working is no longer an option.

And so with that backdrop, we thought it would be useful to develop a podcast to find out what is working well in the world of remote work.

Our aim is to share that wisdom as far and as wide as we can so others can adapt to this new way of working as quick as possible.

Frightening conditions and circumstances beyond our control have forced much of the world into lockdown.

However, we won’t let that define us and want to share with you the remote working best practice, so you can learn the lessons of others and speed up your adaption to remote work.

At the moment our (remote) editorial team are tracking down organisations who have adapted really well to remote working and are booking those who have made it work to come on the show and share their experiences.

The team are also approaching other leading experts on the subject of remote working and are booking interviews with them that we’ll then broadcast on the show.

And of course not forgetting our (remote) technical team who are sorting out the recording facilities, jingles, logos and where best to publish the podcast.

So there is a lot to do to get this up and running and we hope to have our first episode up in the next week or so.

Watch this space and let us know what you’d like to see on our new podcast.

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