September 21

Monday Morning Minute Episode #017 – Problems – Fixed & Growth Mindset



How do you handle problems?

Well in today’s Monday Morning Minute I look at how differently problems are handled depending on your mindset.

From this 1 minute video, you’ll be able to get an insight into whether you have a fixed or a growth mindset.

How do you handle problems?

If you manage a remote team, is their (mindset) approach to dealing with problems in line with yours?

Let me know in the comments section below.


Episode Transcript


In last week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute we looked at how challenge is dealt with differently by the fixed and growth mindsets.

This week I want to share how both mindsets handle problems.

Just like challenges in the last episode, problems are a fact of life.  How we deal with them is affected by which mindset we have.

People with a fixed mindset believe their ability is exactly that - fixed.  

So whenever they encounter any form of difficulty or struggle, they'll conclude it's because they don't have the ability to deal with it.

This limiting belief means they can then justify giving up.  

And that's how the fixed mindset handles problems - it just gives up when things get too difficult.

The growth mindset thinks completely differently.  It believes abilities can be grown and developed.  

The growth mindset sees problems as an opportunity to get stronger and develop skills.  As a result it will persist through them when others have given up.

So in the context of problems, do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

Until next week

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