August 24

Monday Morning Minute Episode #014 – Remote Team Manager | What Mindset Do You Have?



In last week’s episode I asked you to reflect ton how you view these 5 words:






In today’s episode I explain the importance of those to your mindset.

The understanding of this has radically transformed my approach to my own development and to the leadership development work I’ve been part of for the last 9 years.

What do you know about fixed and growth mindset?


Episode Transcript


Hi and welcome to another episode of the Monday Morning Minute - simple 60 second success strategies for the managers of remote teams.

In last week's episode I asked you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences around these 5 things:





Other's success

How you approach and deal with each of them is a profound insight into a specific aspect your mindset.

Carol Dweck, a psychology professor out of Stanford University is famous for her work on the psychological trait called mindset.

In her work she identifies two polarities of mindset.

There is a fixed mindset and there is a growth mindset.

Over the next few episodes we are going to explore both mindsets and the different ways each deals with those five words.

All I want you to do this week is ponder on this question:

In the context of challenges, problems, effort, criticism and other's success Do you think you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Come back next week to find out.

Until then...

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