August 10

Monday Morning Minute Episode #013 – How Do You Deal With These Words?



Having spent a couple of weeks on the Tuckman Model, this week’s episode begins a series of posts on a fundamental aspect of creating the right culture in the Remote Team environment.

The video shares 5 important words for you to consider in the context of your team.

How you and your remote team deal with them will be a crucial component of whether they’ll evolve to be a high performing team.

Watch the short video and share your thoughts on how you deal with at least one of the big 5.


Episode Transcript


Hi it's Michael Tipper and I'd like to welcome you to this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute.

An important skill all great leaders and managers have is that of reflection.

The greater your level of self awareness, the more you'll able to grow and develop into an even better manager of your remote team.

So this week, I'd like you to reflect on how you react to, deal with or think about these five things:

Challenges - the things you have to overcome to do what you need to do.

Problems - what happens when things don't go according to plan.

Effort - the amount of energy you have to expend to do what you do

Criticism - what happens when you are criticised for what you do

Success - not your success, but the success of others who do what you do

Be honest with yourself and really think about you and your relationship with these five things.  

Ideally you'll encounter one or more of them during your week.

Capture your thoughts and feelings each time.

Until next week. 

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