July 27

Monday Morning Minute Episode #011 – Where Is Your Team On The Tuckman Model?



As human beings, we evolve and mature as we get older.

The same is true of any team.

It will go through various stages if it matures into a high performing team.

In today’s episode I introduce a well known framework for the development of a team.

After watching this short episode (remember it is just 60 seconds of pure content) reflect on this question:

Where do you think your team is on this framework?


Episode Transcript


Welcome to this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute and today we're going to be looking at team development.

In 1965 Psychologist Bruce Tuckman described the evolution of small groups working together in terms of these words:





This is the journey towards a high performance team.

So let's look at each one briefly.

In the FORMING stage the team meets, their direction is established and work begins.  Team members tend to be on their best behaviour and will operate relatively independently of each other.

In the STORMING stage, there may be conflict between team members as different working styles, attitudes and even values start to overlap and maybe even clash.

In the NORMING stage, differences have been resolved and as a result the team starts working better together.

In the PERFORMING stage, the team functions well together and are achieving or are on their way to achieving the team's goal

This week all I'd like you to do is see whether you think your team is





Until next week

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