July 20

Monday Morning Minute Episode #010 – Now You Know About VAK Preferences – What Next?



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Over the last few episodes of the Monday Morning Minute, you have explored how you and those around you may have a bias in the language used to communicate.

After this journey of self discovery and reflection, this week’s episode looks at the options you now have.

What are you going to do next, armed with these insights?


Episode Transcript


Hi, It's Michael Tipper with another episode of the Monday Morning Minute.

Over the last few episodes I've encouraged you to explore the concept of having a bias in the choice of words you use.

This bias might be towards visual, auditory or kinesthetic language.

I've had you monitor your own language and I've encouraged you to pay attention to the language of others.

Last week,  I had you monitor your conversations with others for the impact any difference or similarity in the language being used might have had.

So what now?

Well you have a number of choices:

1.  You could do absolutely nothing with this information

2.  You could start monitoring your conversations and where you detect a bias towards V A or K in others, start choosing words more in line with their preference.

3.  Or you could just begin to counter your own bias and start balancing your use of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic words across your communication.

It really is up to you.

Until next week

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