July 13

Monday Morning Minute Episode #009 – Do You Speak a Different Language Than Your Colleagues?



If you’ve watched the previous two episodes, we got you to look at your language and the language of your colleagues to see if you could spot any bias towards one of these modalities:




In this episode it’s time to bring those two worlds together and see if they collide or collude.

It’ll only take a minute to watch, and will help you pinpoint how effective (or not) communication with your colleagues is.

Before you do, think about this question and share your experiences in the comments. 

Where have you seen mismatches in communication between different VAK preferences?


Episode Transcript


Welcome to this week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute.

Now two episodes ago I got you to monitor your own language to see if you could identify any bias towards one of the three primary senses.  

And then last week I asked you to monitor the words used by your team members to see if they had any sensory bias.

By doing this you'll have established in your team who is visually, auditory or kinesthetically preferenced in their communication style.

Why is this important?

Well if you are someone who has a visual preference in your language patterns for example, and you talk to someone who is kinesthetically preferenced for example...  

you'll probably be using imagery based words and phrases and they'll probably be using feeling based words and phrases...

And sometimes that's all that's needed for the communication to fall down between the two of you

So your exercise this week is to monitor the conversations you have with your colleagues.  Where they go well see if there's an alignment in your preferences.  Where they don't go so well, see if you're talking a different language.

Until next week....

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