July 6

Monday Morning Minute Episode #008 – What Language Does Your Team Speak?



Last week, I had you examine the words you use to see if your language had a bias towards any one of these 3 modalities:




In this week's episode I encourage you to widen your awareness of how language is used around you.

It's an important step to becoming an even more effective communicator WITH your team.

From memory, can you pinpoint if the 2-3 people with whom you communicate regularly are  biased towards visual, auditory or kinesthetic language?


Episode Transcript


In last week's episode of the Monday Morning Minute, I introduced you to how a bias towards one or more of your senses may influence the words you use when you communicate.

A visual bias and you might use words like LOOK, SEE, and PICTURE.

An Auditory bias and you might use words and phrases like HEAR, SOUNDS and RINGS A BELL

A kinesthetic bias might have you using words like FEEL, UNCOMFORTABLE and SENSE

Your exercise last week was to monitor your language during the week and notice if one of those three communication styles dominated your choice of words.

I know when I do the exercise my vocabulary is dominated by visual preferenced words, phrases and metaphors.

Your exercise this week is to notice the words and phrases your team members use when they communicate.

Can you spot either a visual, auditory or kinesthetic bias in the way they speak.

You'll find yourself listening more intently than usual, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Until next week.

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