June 29

Monday Morning Minute Episode #007 – What Language Do You Speak?



What Language Do You Speak When You Communicate?

We all know how important it is to communicate effectively, especially when running a remote team.

This week’s episode is another one with an element of self reflection and self analysis.

It takes a look at how your choice of words might be sub-consciously biased.

Before you take just a minute to watch this video, here’s a question for you:

How do you think your language might be biased?
(Just drop your answer in the comments below)

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Monday Morning Minute.

The title of this week's edition is called "What language do you speak when you communicate?"

This isn't about being multilingual, it's about the nature of the words you use to put your point across.

The words we choose are based on WHAT we want to say, BUT they're also influenced by HOW we want to say it.

We have an in-built bias towards one or more of our three main senses - what we see, what we feel and what we hear.

With a stronger bias towards your visual sense you'll use more visual type words and phrases - I SEE what you mean, that LOOKS good to me, I get the PICTURE.

A bias towards your sense of hearing and you'll use phrases like I HEAR what you're saying, that SOUNDS good to me, that RINGS a bell.

Strongly influenced by your feelings you might say things like I'm UNCOMFORTABLE with that, It doesn't FEEL right.

This week, just notice how you express yourself and see if one of the three senses dominates your choice of words.

Until next week.

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