June 8

Monday Morning Minute Episode #004 – The Principle Of Positive Reinforcement



The Remote Team Manager's Monday Morning Minute #004
The Principle of Positive Reinforcement.

In today's episode I share the fundamentals of what I strongly believe to be the "secret sauce" of the effective management of remote teams.

When you get this right you're well on the way to:

* Helping the people in your team feel good about themselves
* Which helps them feel good about their work
* Which will Improve the quality and consistency of their work
* And which ultimately creates a high performing team.

By effectively applying positive reinforcement you'll more likely create a self directing team.

One that will willingly give discretionary effort above and beyond what they are "contracted" to do.

But first you need to know what positive reinforcement is, how it works, and what to positively reinforce.

I explain what to look for in today's Monday Morning Minute.

What great behaviours in your team could you positively reinforce?

Video Transcript:

Great to see you here for another Monday Morning Minute.

This week let’s take a look at positive reinforcement.

In a nutshell, the principle of positive reinforcement works like this.

1. One of your team does something you appreciate,
2. you immediately offer some form of positive feedback to them about it,
3. the neuro-chemistry in their brain makes them feel good about what they’ve just done
4. Because their brain has associated good feelings to what you’ve just positively reinforced them for, they’re more likely to repeat that behaviour in the future.

For me positive reinforcement is the secret sauce to get the best out of people.

But whilst it’s a really simple tool to deploy, it’s probably one of the trickiest skills to learn to get right.

The starting point of developing your ability to positively reinforce your team, is to be able to readily identify behaviours that you’d either like to see them do more of, or that you’d want them to continue engaging in.

Your exercise this week is just to take note of the great behaviours of your team members that contribute to its success.

What are they doing that you really appreciate?

Until next week......

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