May 25

Monday Morning Minute Episode #003 – Remote Team Managers – How Connected Are You To Your Team?



And welcome to another Monday Morning Minute.

I am sure you're aware that a big challenge of working remotely is the feeling of isolation it can generate.

A recent report by identified the second biggest challenge remote workers face is that of loneliness.

As the leader or manager of a remote team, the more you check in with your team members, the more connected you'll be with them... And the less likely they'll feel isolated.

So here’s a question for you then.

How connected do you feel to each member of your team?

Your answer is going to be emotionally based because I asked how you feel.

Now the level of connection they’ll feel with you might be completely different based on the relationship you have with them and more importantly, how often you check in with them.

But Before you actually ask them how they feel, I want you to gather some information. Over the next week, track how many times you connect with each team member.

When you’ve got that data, at the end of the week ask them how connected they feel to you

Note what they say and see how their answers correlate to how often you’ve actually connected with them.

Until next week...

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