May 11

Monday Morning Minute Episode #001 – As A Remote Team Manager, What’s Your Main Thing?



Welcome to this week’s edition of the Monday Morning Minute

Stephen Covey who wrote the classic best seller - The Seven habits Of Highly Effective People - is quoted as saying “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.

So what is the main thing?

Well it’s THE guiding principle that shapes and moulds the quality and intensity of your focus. The more focused you are, the greater the level of your productivity.

When you are crystal clear on what your main thing is, you know what to focus on and say yes to. But more importantly you’ll know exactly what to ignore and say no to.

That means you’ll focus on doing more of the important things and will be more productive as a result.

You’re also much more likely achieve your outcomes far more efficiently and effectively.

So as you go about your work this week, I’m going to suggest that you ask yourselves these three questions:

1. What is my main thing?
2. Is what I am doing right now directly contributing to my main thing?
3. If it’s not - why am I doing it?

Try that and see what you discover.

Until next week...

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