May 4

Remote Team Managers | Welcome To The Monday Morning Minute Episode #000



Enter Announcing the launch of a brand new (free) content stream to support remote team managers.

This is a series of 60 second success strategies for the managers of remote teams published by 8.00am UK time every Monday morning.

Each episode is easily digestible even if you are the busiest of remote team managers.

Following the principle of marginal gains - tiny tweaks that can make a difference - It will get you to think about a single, particular aspect of running an effective remote team at the beginning of the week.

Having started the week with that thought, you’ll be encouraged to work with it during the week with your remote team.

Topics covered include:

Team building
Emotional intelligence
Positive reinforcement
Team performance
Relationship building

...and many more useful and relevant aspects of managing an effective remote team.

So if you're the manager of a remote team and want a little injection of self-development at the start of the week that'll take just 60 seconds to consume yet may have a positive effect for years to come, then subscribe now to get an episode every Monday morning. text here...

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