March 10

HR Manager’s Remote Working Checklist – Coronavirus Update



With all that has been happening with the coronavirus, we thought it was a good time to update our HR Manager’s Remote Working Checklist.

Remote Working Checklist

It has 103 Considerations For Transitioning Colleagues And Their Line Managers To Working From Home.

It covers the following topics:

  • The Business Case For Remote Working
  • Remote Working Challenges & Hurdles To Overcome
  • What Roles Are Suitable For Remote Working
  • Policies & Procedures – Considerations For Remote Working
  • Technology Considerations
  • Setting Up The Employee For Remote Working At Home
  • Remote Working Best Practice – Management
  • Remote Working Best Practice – Managers
  • Remote Working Best Practice – Team Members
  • Training of Staff & Colleagues Impacted By Remote Working
  • Remote Working Best Practice Training
  • Recruiting Remote Workers
  • Coronaviras (COVID-19) Specific Measures For Remote Workers
  • How Remote Working Solutions Can Help You

You can get your copy of the HR Managers Remote Working Checklist Here

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