​​​​Remote Team Leadership Offerings

This page explains each of the services we offer to support you in the development of your remote team managers and leaders.  We are constantly evolving our products and services and continually developing new ones to meet the needs of our clients and partners. 

If you'd like to discuss your unique needs with us then please do get in touch and we'd be happy to understand what you need.  If we can't help then we're pretty sure we'd know someone who could.

Please note that all of these offerings are delivered remotely from our studio in Cheltenham.

After checking out our leadership offerings, please pass by our remote team productivity offerings too.

The Essentials Of Remote Team Leadership

FORMAT - 45-60 Min Keynote Speech

Michael Tipper Virtual Presenter

In this entertaining and highly engaging session, Michael Tipper shares the following:

  • The 3 most common mistakes managers of remote teams unwittingly make (and what to do instead).
  • The 5 fundamental components of successful remote team leadership and how to deploy them.
  • The 4 stage people development plan every remote team manager should know off by heart.

This session is packed full of practical advice and guidance grounded in the latest developments and findings of neuroscience and performance psychology.  It is perfect for both new and experienced remote team managers who want to get the best out of their team.

How To Effectively Lead And Manage A Remote Team

FORMAT - 1/2 Day Foundations  Seminar + 4 Deep Dive Sessions

Remote Team Leadership Training

This focused and targeted development opportunity blends the best of conventional leadership development knowledge and experience with the refinements and adjustments required of working with a remote workforce.  

It helps remote team managers and leaders understand themselves better so they can bring that knowledge and awareness to getting the most out of their team.  

It starts with a half day session that lays the foundations for the development of their skills and knowledge.  Then they'll attend 1 hour long deep dive session a week for four weeks where they'll be given more behaviours to introduce into their working practices.

This bite-sized approach has been shown to improve retention and increase the likelihood of developing and embedding new behaviours.   It also provides participants ongoing access to the programme tutor as they develop their skills. 

Many also find it much more convenient to fit the shorter sessions into their already busy schedules.

As a result of attending this programme, they will be armed with the background knowledge and new behaviours to:

  • Tap into and build upon their own Emotional Intelligence to harness the potential of their people and get the most out of their team. 
  • Communicate far more clearly, concisely and effectively with their team members to keep them focused and increase productivity. 
  • Build strong professional relationships with team members and foster and environment of collaboration in their team so they feel engaged.
  • Use positive reinforcement to create a supportive, high performance team culture that encourages higher levels of discretionary effort and even stronger team commitment.
  •  Easily hold team members accountable when needed without compromising relationships or team coherence.  

The Remote Team Build

FORMAT - Various Team Building Activities

Remote Team Building

It's important to understand there are two types of remote team building activities:

  1. 1
    Team building activities that are fun for the team to do as a way of enjoying themselves together.
  2. 2
    Team building activities designed to specifically stretch, grow and sometimes even test the team.  

Here at Remote Working Solutions we provide both.  We base the design of our remote team building interventions on your needs and will work with you to ensure you get the outcomes you require.  These can include:

  • Improved communication between team members.
  • Greater levels of collaboration in the team.
  • Increased awareness and understanding of individual and cultural differences.
  • Stronger feelings of trust within the team.
  • Higher levels of engagement.
  • Better relationships between team members and with their manager.

Remote Team Leadership Coaching

FORMAT - 45 Minute Zoom Sessions As Required

Remote Team Leadership Coaching

Managing a remote team comes with a variety of unique challenges that include:

  • Difficulties with communication to and between team members.
  • Tracking progress of work and overall productivity.
  • Creating a team culture consistent with the mission, values and purpose of the organisation.
  • Managing team members working across different time zones.
  • Consistently engaging a team of professionals from different cultures and diverse backgrounds.
  • Building trust.

We firmly believe that with the right coaching, a motivated remote team manager can overcome these problems and build a productive and engaged team.

Using effective coaching principles and strategies gleaned from over 20 years of coaching and being coached, Michael will work with you to help you find solutions to the challenges you face.